Radical Business Agility

Choosing to master agility, you will ultimately have to face all of the largest inhibitors of change and growth. One of the primary bottlenecks that encompass all four of these inhibitors is the decision and process of doing or making ...

Author: Hans Amell

Publisher: BrownBooks.ORM

ISBN: 9781612545660

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 141

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How to prepare your business to respond quickly and effectively to the turbulence caused by politics, climate change, pandemics, and economic uncertainty. Future success depends upon the ability to adapt to colossal, rapid changes that lie ahead. Public and private organizational life is changing dramatically. We do not have the luxury of time anymore. Product cycles are shorter and job security is uncertain. Everything is moving faster, and we are experiencing an exponential growth of new technologies and systems pouring into our society. There is uncertainty in the geopolitical arena, and with climate change. There are pandemics, conflicts, and fiscal volatility stress. These challenges make it imperative to become responsive and practice agility in business. Radical Agility provides insight into key factors necessary for agility and the different ways to make your organization more adaptive. It also provides a compendium of tools that will help you implement agile practices into the processes, systems, organizational structure, and business culture in your industry in order to overcome inhibitors of agility—and long-term business success. “A practical, pragmatic guide for leaders who understand the need for real, lasting agility but struggle to make it their reality.” —Andrea Fryrear, President and Co-founder, AgileSherpas “A timely book that provides context and actionable patterns for this new ‘organizational sensing’ that brings true business agility.” —Matthew Skelton, Director at Conflux and coauthor of Team Topologies “This book provides the vision, and more importantly the advice, to help get you and then keep you on the path to business agility.” —Scott Ambler, VP & Chief Scientist for Disciplined Agile, Project Management Institute

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