Coins of England and the United Kingdom 2022

Pre-Decimal Issues Emma Howard. 2016 2035 F £ 325 75 80 80 100 150 135 150 175 VF £ 950 200 225 225 275 575 525 575 625 2015 Halfgroat. London. Annulets by neck (heavy dies); mm. 33 ................... 2016 — Quatrefoils by neck; mm.

Author: Emma Howard

Publisher: Spink Books

ISBN: 9781912667826

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 648

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This historic reference work for British coins is still the only catalog to feature every major coin type from Celtic to the Decimal coinage of Queen Elizabeth II, arranged in chronological order and divided into metals under each reign, then into coinages, denominations and varieties. All decimal coinage since 1968 is listed in a separate volume, available as an independent publication. The catalog includes up-to-date values for every coin, a beginner’s guide to coin collecting, numismatic terms explained and historical information about each British coin, from our earliest (Celtic) coins, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Norman coins, the coins of the Plantagenet Kings, the Houses of Lancaster and York, the Tudors and Stuarts, to the more modern Milled coinage, minted for the first time in 1561 during the reign of Elizabeth I. From the earliest of times, coins have been used by states or monarchs to communicate with people; Coins of England and the United Kingdom is therefore not only a reference book for collectors, but a fascinating snapshot of British history, illuminating its economics, technology, art, politics and religion. As always, the content has been updated and improved throughout by the editors, with numerous new images and revisions of key sections.