Dark Protector

... arm around his shoulders and all but dragging him down the passageway. Laurel did her best to help once the path widened enough for them to walk abreast. The welcome sound of running feet greeted them when they 313 Dark Protector.

Author: Alexis Morgan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416535669

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 803

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Devlin Bane: Born a Paladin, he is a member of an ancient band of warriors locked in a centuries-old war against evil. His destiny: To die over and over again to protect mankind from the Others, only to be revived each time by his mortal Handler. But his fierce strength and courage cannot save him from gradually becoming one of the monsters he was born to destroy. Dr. Laurel Young, who has spent years training to become a Handler, must remain detached from her patients. But each time she revives the darkly compelling Devlin Bane, he claims a little more of her soul and incites in her desires that grow wilder and wilder -- even as he inches closer to losing his humanity. As the war against the Others grows more desperate, Laurel and Devlin can't help but give in to the fierce hunger that's sizzled between them for so long. Now they'll face the ultimate battle together -- to save a dark, passionate love that goes against every rule as they join forces to fight an enemy who is closer than they ever imagined....