Finding Yourself and Accepting the Person You Find

remember one time I could not see the positive in any situation that I was presented with. ... Reinforce positivity in yourself. ... day at a time. If for nothing more than to help you find the motivation to get out of bed every day.

Author: Sharon Rampersad

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781728364216

Category: Self-Help

Page: 110

View: 678

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The truth of the matter is that 95% of the time, people tell you what you want to hear. I wanted to produce something unique and that other women could use to get to know themselves on a deeper level based on my own inner reflections that I know are common to many. This book is like having coffee with your best friend. And hearing things few people have the ability to say. It is easy to read and digest, written in a way that any reader can relate to. It’s more like having a conversation than reading a book. There is something for everyone who reads it with an open mind. I went through every experience without a partner, but I had my family and friends. I had to teach myself to stop thinking in lack, and start appreciating the things that were present in my life every day. We often overlook the great things about our lives because we fixate on one area. I trained my mind to identify the difference between a need and a want. The person we need to love first, is ourselves because this is the only person we can control. The intentions of this book are to offer a beacon to those who are stumbling around in the dark, trying to find their way. To offer some consolation to other women, because we often go through the same things, so there is no need to beat yourself up. To give some direction to the negative energies most people carry around because they feel obligated to hold on to that pain. Why wait till tomorrow to start being the person you want to be today.

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