The Comprehensive Guide For First Time Cat Owners Tips For Buying Preparing Your House And Taking Care Of Cat

"You?ve watched the top 10 cat movies.

Author: Arthur Denman


ISBN: 9798586181466


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You've watched the top 10 cat movies. You've fawned over kitty Instagram accounts. You've stared at kittens through the windows at your local pet store. And now you think you're finally ready to get a cat. Congratulations! Cats are wonderful companions beloved by the whole world over. But before you run to your local shelter, there are some things you need to know about owning a new cat. That's why we've put together this first-time cat owner guide, so you have all the information you need to be an excellent pet parent. In this guide book for first time cat owner, you will learn √What TYPE OF CAT to look for, what BREED to get ...there are so many! √The best place to buy a cat, WITHOUT getting RIPPED OFF! √How to PREPARE your house BEFORE you bring your cat home √The DANGERS you need to eliminate from your home ...some will SURPRISE you! √What things you NEED TO BUY, and what things you DON'T NEED - don't waste money! √How to LOOK AFTER a new Kitten √How to UNDERSTAND CAT BEHAVIOR ...some of it is VERY STRANGE to humans! √The BASIC HEALTHCARE Kittens need in their first year ...and MUCH MORE! ...including a FUN chapter on busting some common CAT MYTHS! If you are thinking about getting a Kitten as a gift for yourself or a loved-one, but don't know anything about cats - you NEED to read this first!
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