I Tried to Fit In

Stuff yourself with food and don‟t give a damn to things like body shape, fitness, health or beauty. ... in childhood where a fit, trim and healthy woman who watched her food and oved to look nice was heavily judged and looked upon.

Author: Debtonoya

Publisher: Educreation Publishing


Category: Self-Help

Page: 103

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This book is dedicated to my mother. The wonderful, strong and brace lady that she is, I got inspired by the positives she bought in my life and criticized her( still do) when I think she is wrong. This book is meant as an insight into a childhood which is dipped with prejudices, vices and pressure. The kids who suffer due to their inability to mild themselves within a crowd are the ones who suffer the most. Also they highly misunderstood, judged and put down publicly for their so called inabilities. So kids, friends whosoever is reading this book and is angry with what your parents did as part of upbringing do bear in mind that they struggled. They bore the brunt of a dream which is you and toiled to give you the best. In all that maybe they forgot to understand you.

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