The Dreamer s Challenge

“That is why they are slaves,” Gina stated. “It is imperial law!” “Tell me, if the sun
was broken by the ubers, what lights the sky every day?” Andres asked. “The sun,
it was repaired by the empire after the ubers's betrayal,” Gina answered.

Author: Nikita Wolf

Publisher: Nikita Wolf

ISBN: 9781999092399

Category: Fiction

Page: 58

View: 322

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It's been over 800 Earth years since the fall of the Solar Empire, over 1200 Venusian days. On a terraformed Venus, the inhabitants of a dark age society struggle to rebuild civilization, only to be attacked century after century by a mysterious enemy, that abducts entire nations, in the long frozen night. Now, the word has come that the last nation on the Isle of West-Istya has fallen in the night, and the President of the Istyan Union has invited the long-banished Solar Legion back from exile on the continent of Afrodyti. He is amassing an army on the eastern shores to West-Istya that will march into the nightfall and destroy whatever is lurking there, and in the process, conquer the vast empty island into the Union. Gina has spent most of her life in the Imperial Spire, following imperial law, and studying diligently. She had wanted to become a medic until she saw the tools they used and became fascinated by technology. Studying technology was strictly controlled under imperial law, too much technology had caused the Solar Empire to fall, and now after years of study, she is ready to take the final exam, the Sleeper's Challenge. If she passes she will become a technician, and spend the rest of her life in the Spire, but if she fails, the imperial guardians will execute her. Now a heretic legionary has arrived stating the spire on the island of West-Istya has fallen in the night, and the president wants technicians, chemists, and engineers for the army he is building. To make things worse, she has just learned her best friend is a sexual deviant and will be executed if the imperial clerics find out. Will she pass her exam, or be executed? And if she passes, will she stay in the spire, or leave forever, and join the president's army?

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