ASP in a Nutshell

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Author: Keyton Weissinger

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781449379599

Category: Computers

Page: 494

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ASP in a Nutshell provides the high-quality reference documentation that web application developers really need to create effective Active Server Pages. It focuses on how features are used in a real application and highlights little-known or undocumented features.This book also includes an overview of the interaction between the latest release of Internet Information Server (version 5) and ASP 3.0, with an introduction to the IIS object model and the objects it comprises. The examples shown in this section and throughout the book are illustrated in VBScript.The main components of this book are: Active Server Pages Introduction. Brief overview of the ASP application paradigm with examples in VBScript. Also included is an introduction to Microsoft's Internet Information Server 5.0, the IIS object model, and the objects that it comprises. Object Reference. Each object is discussed in the following manner: descriptions, properties, collections, methods, events, accessory files/required DLLs, and remarks, including real-world uses, tips and tricks, and author's experience (where applicable). The objects--Application, Response, Request, Server, Session, ObjectContext, and ASPError, as well as ASP Directives, Global.ASA, and Server-Side Includes--all follow this paradigm. Component Reference. This section follows the same paradigm found in Object Reference. The discussion covers all of the additional components included with IIS, such as ActiveX Data Objects, the Ad Rotator, the Browser capabilities component, the File System Object, and more. Appendixes. Gives examples in one or two objects and components using Perl, REXX, and Python in ASP. Like other books in the "In a Nutshell" series this book offers the facts, including critical background information, in a no-nonsense manner that users will refer to again and again. It is a detailed reference that enables even experienced web developers to advance their ASP applications to new levels.

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