Answers to Life s Foundational Questions

In the few years of my existence on this planet and also in the course of my travels to some of the remotest places on this planet, some major questions seem to permeate all facets of life; the question of origins (where did everything ...


Publisher: Gideon K. Sarpong



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From page to page the attentive reader will not escape a stir of one‟s inner essence regarding the fundamental issues of life. He opens the lid to life‟s essentials, inviting thorough considerations to the origin of the universe, the potential vested in each human life and the bubble of the evolution theory and so-called science. This discourse is for those searching for answers and inspiration. It will call the frivolous soul to attention and demand duty from its bearers. It‟s a wakeup call to the slothful and a harsh reminder to the proud. But it‟s more than that; this book identifies with all who are poised to accomplish their dreams. It unleashes a strong sense of purpose that would resurrect lost aspirations and ignite flames of achievement and eternal outcomes. The issues raised demand your thorough attention if you will profit from the wisdom shared. They are instructive to the thinking mind. This book is a treasure field. But it must be mined. So while you read, heed the urge to purposefully pause, reflect, and precipitate the cogitations of your mind. It will do you eternal good.
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