Revelation 9

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Author: Harold Covington

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469724096

Category: Fiction

Page: 216

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For over a century, the wealthy and powerful Bogan family ruled Mungo County, South Carolina with an iron hand. They were doctors, lawyers, politicians, landowners, socialites, industrialists and businessmen. They were also killers, bullies, rapists, sweatshop mill operators, bootleggers and gangsters, poisoners and devil-worshippers. Cross a Bogan and your fields, your barn or your house went up in smoke one night. Fight back and you got a bullet. The law was not merely helpless, the Bogans owned the law. Finally in 1946, the Bloody Bogan line came to an end in a final paroxysm of murder and suicide. Or so the people of Mungo County thought. Amy Anderson is a gentle and devoutly religious young woman, who suddenly learns that she has inherited a vast fortune and a large mansion in Mungo County. But with this sudden wealth comes the curse of the Bloody Bogans, not just a legacy of cruelty and violence and murder, but of satanic occult terror as well. A hundred and fifty years ago, in a shunned and eerie stand of Carolina pines, old Josh Bogan made a bargain with Something and founded the family's fortune. Now Amy Anderson has inherited that bargain and payment is due. Amy and her new husband must fight for their lives, their sanity, and their immortal souls in a house wherein lurks an evil that was old when time itself began.

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