Zen Koans Paradoxical Awakening

Fushizen-fushiaku (Not thinking good, not thinking bad). This is the understanding that to achieve awakening one must stop judging one's world in terms of self-centered good or bad since such judgements are entirely human generated and ...

Author: Norman McClelland

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 9781977238085

Category: Religion

Page: 657

View: 250

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What comes to mind when you hear the word “koan”? You probably know koans as paradoxes, and you may believe that they are therefore illogical or intellectually inscrutable—and therefore not useful to the average person. Zen Koans: Paradoxical Awakenings is the tool you need to correct your perceptions of koans and become aware of the benefits of koan practice. Embracing the paradox of the koan can give deeper meaning to life, as well as leading to the Buddhist awakening to your real, non-dual nature. With an experienced Zen teacher as your guide, you can enter more deeply into the three essentials of Zen: great faith, great doubt, and great determination.

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