Never Trust a Rogue in Wolf s Clothing

Your prey is a lost Prince of Weymouth and bears the mark of the Wolf. He hides where the Beast rules over the land. It had been cryptic, even for her, though the implication of one aspect of the message was clear. They had met once, ...

Author: Michelle Helliwell

Publisher: Michelle Helliwell

ISBN: 9780994035776

Category: Fiction


View: 352

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After three torturous seasons, Lady Eleanore Pembroke is finished with husband hunting and happy ever after. Following the scandal of a broken engagement, eager to bury herself in her work at the local infirmary, she returns home shocked to discover their trusted physician gone, replaced by a dashing scoundrel. Bastien DuMont is a talented doctor, but Eleanore senses his restless heart. She’s no longer prepared to risk hers, nor the trust of the people who’ve come to depend on him. Caught up in a revolution that dissolved into terror, Bastien learned that devotion is for fools. On the run from a growing list of men who’d love to see him dead, he’s forced out of the shadows and into the shoes of a respectable country physician, putting him under the scrutiny of Lady Eleanore, a local do-gooder immune to his roguish charms. When a mysterious figure emerges, threatening his life and the safety of those around him, can Bastien hunt down his opponent before he becomes the prey? Or is exposing his heart the greater danger?

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