The Far Side of the River

'No, my dear friend, the river, downstream and far from here. ... A rider yelling, pushing his horse hard up from the river, his sombrero riding his back, long brown hair dancing in a breeze of ... They are waiting on the other side.

Author: Harry Jay Thorn

Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd

ISBN: 9780719824814

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 505

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When US Marshal Harry Boudine buys outlaw Jack Morgan's freedom from Arizona's brutal Yuma Prison, the ex-lawman, soldier and gunfighter finds that he has to repay the debt in spades. Morgan's job is to stem the flow of US arms to the Mexican bandits and persuade the sick Confederate general, John J. De Wolfe, that the South will never again bear arms against its Northern brothers. During the long ride to Mexico, blood and bullets lace the air as Morgan outwits and out-shoots anything the hired gunfighters of Rancho Santa Cruz can throw at him. Even so, death still lurks behind every boulder and the success of Morgan's mission is always in doubt. Then, too, there is the strong and beautiful Stella Owens...

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