The Reason We re Waiting

Sal spoke softly, “Iris, I knew it was you.” “We've been waiting for you to come,” Udine remarked. “Are you really going to endthe world?” Iris replied sharply, “No! We're about to stop it from ending.” “You mean you're not the Second ...

Author: Pat Clor

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781450062480

Category: Fiction

Page: 772

View: 611

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Satica Azmodious has answered the world’s spiritual crisis with his famous text The Science of God. In her isolated effort to heal the effects of his attack on her before his fame, Aris Desiderita drafted another solution to the crisis, which inspired a movement and conspiracy in the nation of Pangaea. Pat Clor weaves an ambient journey through Azmodious’s social politics and the conflict he has with those proclaiming freewill and individual rights. As Azmodious prepares to face his rival Eugenus Irkson, leading the conspiracy that blames him for the spiritual crisis, Azmodious is left with no alternative but to answer Irkson’s claim and confront Desiderita. She is his last obstacle before claiming his prize as it will be her pardon that will grant his success at being the world’s most celebrated spiritual representative, and ultimately destroying him.

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