The Watcher

ith aloneness as her companion and silence as her teacher, the Watcher had waited. For twelve thousand years, a blind sister had stretched her soul to sense the light. Now, for the appointed twelve days, light streaked across her mind, ...

Author: Jim Rosemergy


ISBN: 9781329656031

Category: Religion

Page: 68

View: 224

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Every page of THE WATCHER invites the reader into a world of reflection and contemplation that can lead to spiritual awakening. As the Watcher, a woman made blind so she might see, speaks the message she is called to speak, the reader discovers truths that support our closer walk with God. She teaches us the language of the heart. She speaks to soldiers before battle, a woman who has just given birth, a banker, a prisoner, two doctors, a farmer, a professor, a man afraid to die and more. In each instance, the wisdom shared is wisdom for the ages, insights that support our spiritual journey. Listen carefully and perhaps you will hear the Watcher speaking to you.

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